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Human-Robot Friendship


FellowBot is an innovative robotics technical solutions company, aiming to make robotic control easy and efficient through the use of XR technology. Read more about our projects to learn more about the possibilities of FellowBot.


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Automatic programming for robotics

To address the issue as well as to maximize the industry inclusiveness for workers regardless of age, gender or programming/mathematic skills, the proposed innovation aims to empower every enterprise client to easily & quickly reprogram either industrial or collaborative robot through most natural & intuitive gesture demonstration enabled by AR. The proposed product can translate the body movement into executable code for new task within a day, and the proposed sharing business model enable client pay as they use our AR automatic reprogramming (ARAR or AR2) service. To sum up, the envisioned product is an easy, quick & cheap tool to reprogram robot in general, it is designed for enterprise clients to plug and play robots regardless of their size or in-house competence or even investment ability to some extent.


Mixed reality robotics control

Safe and easy control of robotics with AR interface.




Inspection robot

Chinese national research project for robotics application in logistics. The innovations set up by FellowBot are automatic field inspection and distant diagnostics. Showcased in a data center of China Southern Power Grid in Shenzhen.

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