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Logistics and Mobility

As the following use cases demonstrate, we have been tirelessly working towards Vision Zero. From hardware to software solutions, we are not afraid to challenge ourselves.


Emergency Vehicle Algorithm

Ambulance distribution system is expected to improve 30% survival probability, by combining ideas from multi-agent cooperative coverage control & state-of-the-art in resource allocation field. The system has been concept proved in Södermalm, Stockholm and can be tailormade for your city or region.

The images show before & after allocating the red ambulance to pick up the patient (represented by small red point).


Mobile sensing platform

"Speed tracker" is developed by WSP and validated by FellowBot. With on-vehicle Radar, GPS and LED display we can show message such as "slow down" alternatively realtime speed of the cars following the sensing vehicle, the aim is to regulate the speeding with "social nudging". We manage to reduce 1% of the speed i.e. around 1km/h in two separate road test in Stockholm.

This prototype called speed tracker is with TRL 7 (test in a real environment) and can easily be mounted to the vehicle and use as a sensing platform for speeding monitoring and general data collection (data as speed, acceleration/deceleration, position in both lateral and longitudinal). We can also use the platform to test the effects of different messages communicating between vehicles.


Data fusion for AVs

1. Vehicle state estimation

Data is fused using a vehicle dynamics approach to have a reliable and consistent base for the vehicle position/orientation & motions.


2. Environment representation

The driving environment is represented in terms of infrastructure layout with additional dynamic attributes that concern weather and road conditions and the traffic situation. 


3. Full data fusion

The end result is to obtain an accurate representation of the vehicle within the environment, i.e. traffic state.


Logistics and inspection robot

Automatic Field Inspection & Distant Diagnostics.

Showcase in a data center of China Southern Power Grid, Shenzhen



Computer vision

Computer vision enabled AI for traffic counting in real-time, completed for the Nvidia Inception Programme).

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