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Driver Simulator

🚗 Have you just begun learning driving? 🎓

🛣️Feeling overwhelmed by the long road ahead?✨

🕹️Why not gear up with simulator course that's popular in Germany, the Netherlands, and France, and is super wallet-friendly too?

driver simulator


Safe & sustainable

You can drive indoor, while preparing for even more safety-critical traffic scenarios in driver simulator.


We are max-digital thus no tail-gas to pollute the environment or warm the climate up! 


Trust-worthy & cost efficient

FellowBot helps  10% of driving schools using driver simulator.


Our simulator course save 50% of the cost compared with a normal driving lesson, for students and for schools. 

sollentuna trafikskola students


Cool facts

Never too old to learn in a modern simulator, we are here to help you fulfill your goals in a fun way!

Ready to challenge yourself in 2024? We have cooperation with different driving schools in Stockholm, just come by and give a try.

For Driving Schools:
book a demo here!

Visit us

@Norrsken House


Or reach out here, on the website.

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