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Traffic Simulator

FellowBot's traffic simulator focuses on vulnerable road users and aims to increase traffic safety in future scenarios with autonomous vehicles by closing the gap between traffic planning authorities and regular citizens. One powerful product - 3 unique use cases. Read on below for more details!


Copilot for learning 

We are providing a safe and immersive environment for training and education. Our traffic simulators allow users to experience different scenarios, such as distracted driving, impaired driving, and speeding, in a controlled environment. By simulating these scenarios, users can learn how to recognize and avoid dangerous situations on the road, improving their driving skills and reducing the risk of crashes.


Virtual Reality for City Planning

Our simulators can also be used to test and evaluate new road safety measures. For example, we can simulate the impact of new road designs, such as roundabouts or protected bike lanes, before they are implemented in the real world. This allows transportation planners to identify potential safety issues and make adjustments before construction begins, hence ultimately leading to safer streets for everyone.


Co-simulation of Unreal Engine and SUMO for visualisation and network-performance evaluation e.g. average travel time, number of stops etc

AV Testing

Our simulator can also be used for autonomous vehicle testing by providing a safe and controlled environment to test various scenarios that would be too dangerous or costly to test in the real world. We can create realistic environments that mimic real-world conditions and allow developers to test different scenarios, such as emergency braking or sudden obstacles, to improve the autonomous vehicle's response and decision-making capabilities. Possibly, it can also be used to train autonomous vehicle operators.  Our VR simulator is a valuable tool for testing and refining autonomous vehicle technology, can help to accelerate the development of safer and more efficient self-driving cars.

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